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By choosing to build your career at Friiweb, you will find a stimulating and encouraging workspace. You will meet exciting customers and amazing teammates. You will have the space you need to present your unique point of view that will help us move forward to better serve our clients and constantly improve our cohesion. We believe that diversity makes us better and that is why we want to provide a healthy and inclusive work environment, which respects difference and values ​​the contribution of all.

Values ​​that drive us


Develop teamwork, cooperation, help, support and trust each other


To grow together with energy, passion and humor. Relax and celebrate success, Stay motivated, happy and involved


Be ingenious, Aim for first place, make our competitors jealous, Get informed, be curious, Understand the needs of our customers


Act with honesty, transparency and sincerity. Show empathy towards our customers


Prioritize quality on a daily basis, Develop a love for a job well done, Be proud of our services

World citizen

Address the whole world, Understand the differences, Encourage and support cultural specificities

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